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The Men’s Shed movement started over a decade ago in Australia and currently there are around 40+ Men’s Shed groups in Wales.

Each Men’s Shed is unique, but has a common thread in that they have been set up to establish support for men who require friendship, support and a sense of belonging.

Each shed has its own individuality with some sheds meeting at a variety of places including allotments, industrial units, farm buildings,  hospitals, former courts and even converted Police garages.  Caerau Men’s Shed meets at Dyffryn Chapel, Beddow Street every Friday for a cuppa, lunch, chat and various projects.

The members of the Caerau Men’s Shed have a variety of different backgrounds and are mixed ages, but all share one common theme.

To have fun, support, friendship and help people in their local community.

Check through the website for more info or contact our chairman Christopher Davies.

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What people say about Caerau Men’s Shed

  • It is rewarding for me to help isolated people to have a better life and gain new friends in a safe and caring environment.

  • It has given me a new focus in life!

  • Finding a different and rewarding social life

  • What a difference has joining Caerau Men Shed made to our lives?

  • It gives me a chance to meet new people and old friends

  • A very big difference getting out for a few yours and having an interest outside of the home, and giving me confidence to do other things.

  • Being constructive and helping others!

  • It has enabled me to see how it has made my fellow “Shedders” grow and rebuild their lives. Comradeship is about helping each other out.