About Us

Who We Are

The inaugural meeting took place in… 2016 and we met at Noddffa Community Centre,
Caerau on a Friday lunch time. We have now outgrown the first venue and have recently moved to Caerau Community Trust were we now meet on a Friday and have use of the facility all day, with some members meeting there throughout the week to work on different support projects. During the first 2 years our membership has grown and as a result we now have referrals from social services and doctors who see the benefit of the ‘shed’.
Although still in its infancy the Caerau Mens Shed is a very proactive group. However we recognise that not every member wants to or is able to be get involved in many of the projects, but we welcome guys who just want to come along for a chat companionship and join us for lunch on a Friday.


Our Team

Chris Davies ( Gypo )
Tel: 07521906796
Email: christopherdavies2155@yahoo.co.uk

Secretary: Phil Davies 
Treasurer: Brian Jones
Vice Chair:  Alun Stockley
Brian Hicks
Ilona Martin
Premier Brands Canada

We have raised funds and made several donations to some really worthy local causes.  Including supporting some local families and also providing a defibrillator for the Community Centre.

Read more about how the Men Shed supported little Ollie with some speech therapy in our blog The Men’s Shed Support Little Ollie  

Our Calendar project 2018 saw us included on the ITV’s Loose Women, one our members being requested for a BBC interview  but more importantly it helped to raise the awareness of ‘Mens issues  such as loneliness, depression, cancer and opens the door to men who want and need support.


Why Glyncorrwg Went to War by Keith Dixon

The Germans were worried
The Führer was scared
They bombed a Welsh village
They shouldn’t have dared
The bomb that exploded
High on Cam Hill
Away from the village
No fear of a kill

Blast from the explosion
Damaged a shop
Cracked a big window
Frightened old Tommy Co-op
“Now we’ll have to fight back,”
Said the local Home Guard
“We’ll get our revenge.”
“It shouldn’t be too hard.”

When the Home Guard were training
They really looked good
It’s a shame that their weapons were made of wood
Evan Mathew their leader was a big hit
But Dai Dixon his second
Was only four foot and a bit.



They made their Headquarters
In old Conservative Hall
And if you were passing
“Halt! Who goes there?” was the call
But they frightened the Germans
Hitler was really scared
“We’ll have to surrender!” To his troops he declared,

Winston Churchill was happy
Smoked cigars with delight
Said “Thanks to Glyncorrwg,
We learned how to fight.”
And now it’s all over
We’re friends, one and all.
And the old Gestapo Headquarters
Is now called Glyncorrwg Hall!